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Hookworm Jones: A Hero for Scientists

Indiana Jones took an otherwise boring, stodgy field and through the magic of exaggeration, hyperbole, and outright lies made it look exciting. Science may have a lot of fictional badasses, but none as believable and down-to-earth as Jones. The reason … Continue reading

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Cyborg Flasher Shoots Penis at General Public

In another beautiful example of technology being wrongly (oh, so wrongly) applied, a Spanish performance artist has found a way to literally molest scientific progress. There’s no fancy way to put this, so let’s just go: He’s jury rigged a … Continue reading

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Science at the Improv

Here are several things that I thought were pretty interesting, but not really “paragraph” interesting. As such, I have adopted a Night at the Improv Zinger approach. I would say I hope you enjoy it, but honestly, I kind of … Continue reading

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Sweetass Jumps in a Lunar Rover

NASA is designing a new lunar rover, and this time they’re through fucking around. The NASA Chariot is just one potential design for a new lunar rover in the works, intended to serve as the workhorse for a permanent lunar … Continue reading

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The Fallacy of “meh” Comments.

I’m not one for censorship, and so I typically don’t delete even the most insulting comments that show up here. However, there are some I universally dispose of, and I thought this latest exchange might serve to illustrate exactly why … Continue reading

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