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More! Astonishing Tales of Hackery!

EDIT: Another post at Atom! About celebrities and comic books?! My god, it’s like a new one of these things come out every fucking week! You can find it here, you can digg it here, and you can remember it … Continue reading

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Real Life Star Trek: New Technologies That Put Captain Kirk to (More) Shame

Dearest nerds, if you had any doubt that the future is now, here’s something to help the message hit home: Star Trek is now a reality. Well, most of it anyway – there’s still no aliens or working teleporters, and … Continue reading

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Like a Policeman Finally Admitting His Latent Homosexuality: This is a Cop Out.

EDIT: New post over at Atom pertaining to John McCain and his status as a giant transforming cartoon robot. You know the drill: If you like it, please Digg it, Stumble it, Reddi – ah, what the hell. Just do … Continue reading

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