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How to Bed Art Majors Using Only Your Knowledge of Video Games

If you’re in college, you are most likely surrounded by attractive members of the opposite sex right now. If you’re reading this website, you are most likely a nerd and they want nothing to do with you. See, college is … Continue reading

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BREAKING NEWS: Irony fucking sucks.

So, right after I tear Paul a new one in the comments for daring (the presumption!) to question my update schedule as well as having the audacity to be much more successful in life than me, I immediately and ironically … Continue reading

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Braid: The Next Portal?

For something to be considered a work of an art, you have to be able to dissect it – to look at it carefully from every angle, and come up with something to say about it that is both fairly … Continue reading

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MEDUSA: Microwave Soundgun Inside Your Damn Face

The US Military is developing a new, non-lethal microwave gun in order to disperse crowds. Now, you’ve probably heard of that before, but this is a new take on the old news: It’s a microwave sound gun. They’ve dubbed it … Continue reading

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Pimpin’ Ain’t Easy (It so is.)

Atom is running another feature of mine, and you can find it here: How Listening to Crappy Music Can Literally Kill You They let me pick the topic this time, so it’s a little closer to what you’re used to … Continue reading

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