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Anti-cuteness Sentry

In all fairness, the sign did say “No Bunnies.” Advertisements

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Canadians can read your mind. They’re just too polite to mention anything.

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Explanations, Directions, and Links.

Traffic for the site has quadrupled since I last paid attention, so I thought I should explain the new layout a little bit, and provide links for the other sites I write for. I Fight Robots has recently gone through … Continue reading

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How To: Recognize “Zardoz.”

The movie Zardoz is a distinct, easily recognizable moving picture show in the genre of science fiction featuring popular actor Sean Connery. Because this movie poses a clear and present danger to the sensibilities and tastes of potential viewers, it … Continue reading

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This week’s Cracked column is up over here, wherein I kill a promising young student for really just no reason at all. If you support unjustified murder, you can Digg it here. I, for one, would really appreciate it. The … Continue reading

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3 Ridiculous Reasons Cracked Has Rejected My Articles

This week’s Cracked column is up over here. It’s a column about why I don’t get columns picked up that is currently being run in my weekly column. Listen: It has Prince in it. Please, just go read it and … Continue reading

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Internet Sixth Sense: “I See Pornography About Dead People”

MIT’s Fluid Interfaces group debuted a prototype device at TED a few weeks ago, dubbed the “Sixth Sense” device. And what is that sixth sense? Divination? Telekenesis? Spidey?! No! It’s the internet! That’s awes…wait, what? The internet is a sense … Continue reading

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