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Lend a Helping…Gun?

I’m assuming you’ve seen this by now. If you haven’t, this is a stem-cell skin gun. It’s being developed by the united states Military, along with a quarter billion dollars’ worth of other medical research, which include projects like an … Continue reading

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Wolverine: The Frog?

Nature is a nerd. From Marine Biology to Astronomy, the natural world has always been somewhat of a spaz. As if to further illustrate this point, science has recently discovered that mother nature is totally into comic books, too. This … Continue reading

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English Scientists: All Set to Penetrate the Moon…Hard.

Listen, I’ll just get right to the point: British scientists are building missiles to fire at the moon. They’ve named the missile “The Penetrator,” because it penetrates, most likely. Missiles are already inherently phallic, and naming your super-missile after a … Continue reading

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Grand Theft Auto IV: The best, and worst game ever made?

I know I promised to shut up about it, but that is because I lied to you. I lied to you so hard. When I wrote this about Grand Theft Auto, it was more of an impression than a review; … Continue reading

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Where do we go from here, and do we really care?

This isn’t a funny post, but there’s a couple of things I wanted to run by you guys. First, it seems the most fun I have updating the site is when the content is in some way science or technology … Continue reading

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Morgui – The Stalker Robot

This jaunty chap is Morgui. Morgui, which is Mandarin for ‘ghost,’ is programmed to observe how human beings interact with him. Or, to put in a more suitably creepy way: Morgui likes to watch. He is equipped with eight sensory … Continue reading

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