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Rock Exoskeletons: The Future Of Music Belongs to Cyborgs

Japanese artist Nobumichi Tosa has an interesting concept for the future of musical performance: Interactive, movement-controlled exoskeletons programmed (much like a synthesizer,) to produce any range of sounds. It’s operated by the speed of the user’s movement, the position of … Continue reading

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The Cocoon: The Sad, Embarrassing Future of Virtual Reality

Ever since The Lawnmower Man first showed us that virtual reality could do just about anything – even turning even the mentally handicapped into poorly-rendered demigods of murder – our culture has been obsessed with bringing VR to life (well, … Continue reading

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Internet Sixth Sense: “I See Pornography About Dead People”

MIT’s Fluid Interfaces group debuted a prototype device at TED a few weeks ago, dubbed the “Sixth Sense” device. And what is that sixth sense? Divination? Telekenesis? Spidey?! No! It’s the internet! That’s awes…wait, what? The internet is a sense … Continue reading

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Guy Ben-Ary: The Scientist Voted Most Likely To Build Robocop

Guy Ben-Ary is much like Joe Davis. He is an artist, a scientist, kind of a badass, and completely, egregiously, face-eatingly insane. Guy specializes in biotechnological artwork, in order to push the borders of what we consider living and non-living, … Continue reading

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How Video Games Saved Astrophysics

Researchers at the University of Dartmouth have just proven something important: That you’re doing video games wrong. They’ve networked together a grid of eight Playstation 3’s and created a sort of ad-hoc super-computer in order to run simulations of gravity … Continue reading

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It’s Official: Space Travel is Awesome Again

Space travel is in trouble. The funding is being cut, public interest is waning, and the most talented minds of the future generations are more impressed by cel-shading than they are by flying to another planet. It just seems like … Continue reading

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Body Swapping: The Future of Entertainment, or Frighteningly Literal Identity Theft?

EDIT: The new Atom article is up here, and you can Digg it up here if you are the type that is so inclined to dig. Also, my new Cracked article about how the sum of all human knowledge hates … Continue reading

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