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The Evolution of the Vampire Mythos: From Trannies to Twilight

New article up at Atom, explaining why today’s vampires are genteel aristocrats with emo haircuts, as opposed to their original form: Fat, purple transvestites that ate plague. You can Digg it here, and help me ruin goth’s sex lives all … Continue reading

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5 Scientific Reasons People Act Like Assholes

New article up at Cracked that will explain pretty much the entire internet for you through the scientific study of anger and anonymity that moDERN TECHNOLGOY IS FUCKING MAKING POSIFUCK YOU FUCK YOU AAAUGHRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!! Also, if you’d Digg it here, … Continue reading

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I Fight Robots is dead! I Fight Robots lives again! Kill it! Kiiilll iiiit!

I’m changing the direction of this site in a pretty major way. When I first started IFR, it was for a few reasons: First and foremost, I really wanted a space to practice. I wanted to develop a voice, practice, … Continue reading

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Rock Exoskeletons: The Future Of Music Belongs to Cyborgs

Japanese artist Nobumichi Tosa has an interesting concept for the future of musical performance: Interactive, movement-controlled exoskeletons programmed (much like a synthesizer,) to produce any range of sounds. It’s operated by the speed of the user’s movement, the position of … Continue reading

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The Cocoon: The Sad, Embarrassing Future of Virtual Reality

Ever since The Lawnmower Man first showed us that virtual reality could do just about anything – even turning even the mentally handicapped into poorly-rendered demigods of murder – our culture has been obsessed with bringing VR to life (well, … Continue reading

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