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Robots Shall Not Take My Sandwich.

Hello! So…how about robots? They’re awesome. Pretty much anything that needs doing is made at least a little more awesome if it’s done by a robot. Need your laundry done? WashBot. Need a beer? Kegbot. Need to beat up some … Continue reading

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The Last Great Sage of Russia

Russian soldiers found this crazy-ass thing on a beach over the weekend, and are baffled as to what it could be. I assume this is because The Dark Crystal didn’t translate very well over there, because clearly, it’s this guy: … Continue reading

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Racism is cool again – wait…again?

It’s widely known that it’s perfectly acceptable to be fairly racist as long as you are very, very old. In part this is because your severe age renders you somewhat harmless; your average octogenarian is not exactly going to hike … Continue reading

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It’s like doing Freak Nasty’s Da Dip…with Explosions and Swearing.

Shit, you guys. I am so bad at videogames now. I’m pretty sure I used to be good, but then I had sex, and now it is all gone. When confronted with enemies suddenly appearing before me, my response is … Continue reading

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Somewhere along the line Wendy’s, which used to be the “less diarrhea for your dollar” fast food staple, decided to take the Jerry Springer approach to the culinary arts by adding such haute cuisine to the menu as the Chili … Continue reading

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