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Future Attribute Screening Technologies: Because We Don’t Need a Warrant to Strip-Search Your Brain.

Minority Report was supposed to be a movie about a dystopian future, one where Big Brother went too far and started convicting criminals before they’d even committed the crime. Well, apparently somebody at the Department of Homeland Security didn’t really … Continue reading

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Joe Davis: Science Pirate

We have another nominee for The Indiana Jones of the Hard Sciences, and I think he’s going to take the title from Pritchard and his hookworm windbreaker. This is Joe Davis, and his list of accomplishments reads like Slash Fiction … Continue reading

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The Amazing Adventures of Blockhead and Watty

So, the last week has seen some of the best comments I have ever had in my long history on the internet – from Misplaced Goblin Poon to the Online Amish Butter Mafia – but I think we have it … Continue reading

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Invisibility and Anti-Invisiblity Cloaks: Secret Titties and Dinosaurs?

Scientists have recently made some serious breakthroughs in the pursuit of a true invisibility cloak, with metamaterials that actually bend light waves around them, rather than just filming the surrounding terrain and projecting it onto the material, like previous ‘invisibility … Continue reading

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That glassy look in her eyes isn’t because she’s impressed that you know your comic books. It’s puppies.

Hello, all you guys on the internet that steal away so much of Robert’s precious time meant for back-rubbing, toe-painting and hair-brushing. I’m the girlfriend and I’m your attendant on this flight through a lady’s take on all this science … Continue reading

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