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Support The Cause: Beat That Fucker

Hey all. The next Atomfilms article is up, just click on the banner, the title, or any pictures of kangaroos you may see later in this post. Spring Break Movies You Didn’t Know You Loved These articles are really important … Continue reading

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Xbox Live: Like a frat party where it’s acceptable to shoot everybody in the face.

So I bought an Xbox 360 a couple of weeks ago, and overall I’m pretty happy with it. However, the online multiplayer needs some work. Well, to be fair it’s not the actual service that’s flawed, it’s mankind in general. … Continue reading

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Will you be my Tourette’s valentine?

I have a question, internet. Is it possible to have Tourette’s for a person? Like normal people may have a crush on someone, can you just really have Tourette’s for like, one specific dude? Say, a Real Estate Broker? On … Continue reading

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Call me Lando Lakes, ’cause I’ll spread you like sweet cream.

If you’ve never made out to professional wrestling commentary, I just cannot recommend it highly enough. Personally, I suggest WWE’s Smackdown! It works for both sexes equally well. There is simply nothing else on this earth to make you feel … Continue reading

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Hey, integrity…yeah, you….eat a dick!

I’m right in the middle of finals for all twenty credits of my upper division college courses, as well as trying to finish up another article for Atomfilms (and hopefully a better one,) so you’ll have to forgive a little … Continue reading

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I’m just surprised it lasted that long…

Look, here I’ll just say it: Prince is getting hip replacement surgery. I know, you guys, I know. I’ll give you a minute if you need it. The thing is, hip replacement patients are normally elderly males, usually taller than … Continue reading

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The girlfriend and I were going to Vancouver, Washington a few weeks ago…well, perhaps going is the wrong word. Hmm. Forced, maybe. No, that’s not right. Coerced? Harrassed? Raped? Yes. Yes, that’s good. Let’s do that one. The girlfriend and … Continue reading

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