The Meeting That Led to the New JJ Abrams Trailer (Probably)

There’s a new column up at Cracked, where I explore the logic behind the “hot” “new” marketing campaign for J.J. Abrams secret project, Super Eight. Seriously, you guys: The last time he did this was for Cloverfield, and the only “secret” that movie was hiding was adult illiteracy. I loved it, but it was downright mentally deficient and there was no justification for keeping its plot, “big monster eats pretty dudes on shaky cam,” ultra classified. Let’s not fall for it again. Digg it for the reasonable control of expectations, or for God possibly liking anal (things got weird in there at the end).

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One Response to The Meeting That Led to the New JJ Abrams Trailer (Probably)

  1. deceased due to fatal laughter says:

    Hello… hello? is this thing on??
    I should just leave a message?? Is that it?
    OK uhm.. I loved the article. 10 points! But please, I beg of you, enlighten me.. What is the inside of your beautiful mind like? Are there a billion billion of the world’s wittiest monkeys in there conducting an orchestra of humor epicness?? Is there a tiny Micheal Bay in there blowing funny particles out of your industrial cocaine induced brain?! PAINT ME A TAPESTRY so I may better understand thee oh Demi-GOD OF HUMOR!!
    Also consider bringing all of it to film!!

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