Choose Your Own Drug-Fueled Misadventure: Fuck This Lost World

New installment of the Choose Your Own Drug-Fueled Misadventure series is up on Cracked. In this edition, our protagonist finally sobers up and decides to begin the long and arduous process of rebuilding his life. Or maybe he overdoses on hallucinogens and explodes an ape with karate. It’s one or the other, I’m pretty sure. You can Digg it here for me finally realizing that drug culture is a damaging culture, or for fictionally advocating the murder of primates. Whichever.

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2 Responses to Choose Your Own Drug-Fueled Misadventure: Fuck This Lost World

  1. Dougfromdougland says:

    Message:This one was at least as good as the first Choose-Your-Own-Adventure story. Keep up the brilliant writing, you Pericles of the Pen (Screw the Spartans), you Disraeli of Drug-trippers (Yay, more real estate for the Queen), you Nero of the Night (Why the Hell did you burn down Rome anyways, you bastard?! I kept shit there!)

  2. Mesila says:

    Judging from what I’ve seen of your schticks on Cracked…you’re on my list of the People Who Provide Salient Evidence That Gonzo Drug Culture Is Not Only The Work of Dead People – and look forward to seeing more of it. I also enjoyed the hell out of your nootropic reviews – and assuming those were not pulled out of your ass and you actually did that shit, very educational.

    I think I’ll go plug you on one of my blogs. And even go do it now instead of being the typical procrastinator and then forgetting all about it after the distraction of an endless swarm of weblinks, tweets, spun rantfests of gleeful dissection of monotheism guaranteed to get me fatwa’d against or shot in the name of Jesus, and probably a bonghit or two in there, somewhere…Well, fuck that. For once, you’ve done stuff that ought to be seen by whoever actually looks at my own effluvia.

    But where? I have, I realize, too many goddamn blogs. (Note to aspiring bloggistry mavens: Being anal-retentive about subject matter enough that you’re not just tagging your posts, but putting each subject that you deal with in appropriately-labelled little corrals does not pay. Don’t do that without a really good reason, then don’t do it anyway because it probably isn’t a good enough one.)

    Probably it will show up on the one I linked to, on this comment form…but if it’s not there, check for it on Counterculture Vulture. It will probably be the former, since the latter’s mostly movie reviews of psychedelic schlock that’s mostly from the early 1970s. Outlaw Anodyne is usually a blog on drugs rather than stuff about the neat shit people like to look at and listen to while on them…but my posts there have been far too serious lately. So it probably belongs there, more.

    If I spend too much time pondering this question, I increase probability of fatal distraction by exponential increments…so I’m going to just go write it first and post it later.

    Mesila, aka Psychaotic

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