5 Awesome Cases of the Internet Owning Mainstream Media

There’s a new article up at Cracked, regarding hot, steamy, sticky internet justice and the dispensation thereof. To be frank, this article was sponsored by Family Guy and they chose the topic, the profanity and some of the jokes had to be toned down, and it was kind of last minute. It’s not my best work, I know, but I hope you like it anyway. You can Digg it here, if you are feeling charitable.

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7 Responses to 5 Awesome Cases of the Internet Owning Mainstream Media

  1. Matt Willard says:

    Too bad Twitter didn’t stop people from going to see Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. In retrospect, maybe I should’ve let Twitter affect my choice that day.

  2. Finlander says:

    So Family Guy really chose the topic? That’s gotta be rare, right? The Zombie survival strategies #2 was a request by the Zombieland guys, but that’s one you would’ve probably do anyways, right?

    How’d they pick it, anyway? They give you a partial list or a broad subject, or just tell you to write something that’d remind the world that Seth MacFarlane beat Fox with the internet and DVD’s?

    Also, really? FAMILY GUY thought your jokes were inappropriate? You have to rethink your life, man.

  3. Amos says:

    Robert, I like it. Its a nice article.
    As Finlander said, WTF?! Family Guy wanted you to tone it down a bit?
    I not dissing you mate, but I dont really get the point in that article. Why does Family Guy need YOU to write an article on things RELATED to something that PREVIOUSLY happened to Family Guy, in the hope that people will then watch the NEW series of Family Guy. As the article mentions, the online support for FG is Mahoosive SO why on earth did they need you to write this?!

    My brain hurts.

    Whatever. You wrote an article, and as usual it was warm/funny/factual/dog cock etc. JOB DONE.
    As for getting paid to do it? Im just gonna put that down to alcohol.


    PS. Can you tell im having a shit day?

  4. Finlander,

    It looks like something we’re doing with increasing regularity. They don’t choose the article unassisted, by the way. We give them options and they pick one. This could have been a great article with a lot of presence, but I had some personal shit going down and only had a day or so to work on it. I think it was that Fox had issues with profanity and such, not so much that Family Guy thought I was inappropriate.


    It’s all just advertising. It’s true: The angle wasn’t exactly pro-Family Guy (if that’s what you’re getting at), but then we wouldn’t have wrote it if that was the case. We’re not going to write fluff pieces sucking off sponsors. We’ll write something loosely related for a sponsor if it would be a good article, and not just advertising bullshit. Or at least, that’s how I thought of it.

  5. Finlander says:

    Well, that answers my questions. It doesn’t answer my secret question, though. You’ll see it if you read between the lines. Just follow this pattern:

    The actual thing(yeah, there is a message hidden in that post. The numbers are real) I had in mind is how many of these “sponsors choose a topic from available ones” have there been? I know of two, the ones mentioned here, but you speak of it likes it’s much more common.

    Oh, and one last (series of)question(s): Why would Cracked turn down an article idea? Do they decide onto which the plug is put on, or the one that runs? Do the ones they don’t pick not run? Are they changed? Can they decide that a crappy article runs over a better one, simply because it’s more appropriate for the ad? Also, how do they dongs?

  6. Robert says:

    There’s only been two so far, but we’ll be doing more I think. I just write and guess at things, though, editorial knows the real answers to those questions.

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