The Way of the Barbarian: Infusing Your Spiritual Life With Conan

There’s a new column up at Cracked this week that was given the distinguished honor of being billed “the manliest post in the history of Cracked.” Considering that last week’s top performing feature was ‘The 6 Best Dicks on Trucks Fucking Explosions,’ this is a title not to be taken lightly. Digg it here before your fingers grow testicles and computer operation becomes practically impossible.

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6 Responses to The Way of the Barbarian: Infusing Your Spiritual Life With Conan

  1. deadlytoque says:

    Awesome. Laughed til I cried.

  2. Muledriver says:


  3. scooter says:

    Great stuff, I want to get the book now.

  4. jay ess says:

    good shit. and let me tell you, that mantra shit totally fuckin works. the only problem is that i found perez hilton in my livingroom…

  5. flywingedmonkey says:


    A fine, fine tale. One I have been sharing with friends- “Look,” I say, “Here is a some humersome manliness for your fullbore pleasure. Gaze upon it and worship Brockway.”

    However it seems someone has been “sharing” your work in a different way- passing it off as his own in fact. And in a competition, no less:

    For shame, FOR SHAME!!!

  6. Robert says:

    Jesus. He even signed and initialed it. I left a comment, but they don’t seem to want it to be shown. I think it may have been the excessive use of the term ‘cuntpunches’.

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