What it is to be Gigantic.

Some people wouldn’t be scary if you enlarged them to gigantic proportions. They’d still be kind of ordinary, just a lot larger. If anything, I think that would make them kind of awkward. I know if I was suddenly eight hundred feet tall, I’d be really uncomfortable. There’d be nowhere specifically designated to sit, so I’d be all leaning weirdly against a building or something, trying to act casual. I’d be acutely aware that my lovehandles could crush a supertanker, so I’d be extremely self conscious of my body and constantly shifting around trying to feel the least unappealing. If I was a giant, people would be turning to their friends and loved ones and going “who’s that giant guy? A little weird, isn’t he?” But some people would be terrifying if they were enormous.

Like T-pain.

I would run from this, were it gigantic.

I think people would run if they saw a gargantuan T-Pain just standing there. They’d be all “OH NO IT IS T-PAIN AIEE” and then he’d be all “SHORTAY-AY” and then he’d kick over the Empire State Building.

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7 Responses to What it is to be Gigantic.

  1. Rev JSH says:

    It’s like he’s challenging Slash to a hats from the past contest.

  2. tojo2000 says:

    On the bright side, the market for gigantic boats would get a well-needed boost.

  3. niceguyted says:

    Message:He can’t *possibly* be that badass. I mean, c’mon – he’s wearing a sweatshirt! Any rapper worth his nine would never have a promo shot taken with his upper boddy CLOTHED. It’s pretty obvious he’s covering up his lack of pecs and abs. Five bucks says the chubby little guy doesn’t even have any tattoos.

  4. Darkmage says:

    Dude, what’s the new background about?

    I totally cant read this at all… 😦

  5. There’s no new background. The site hasn’t changed in months.

  6. Darkmage says:

    I think it was a glitch.
    It didn’t load the white text background so it was just the blue and white background pattern.

  7. HT says:

    hahahah Shortay-ay

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