The Holy Bible: A Book Review

So there’s a new column up at Cracked, where I review this awesome fantasy book called The Holy Bible. I don’t want to ruin anything for you, but this book has everything! Magic, shape-shifting, arson, rape, murder, prostitution, lions, torture, the apocalypse, hell even zombies! It was a hell of a ride. I can’t wait for the movie. Digg it here and help get this book sold!

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6 Responses to The Holy Bible: A Book Review

  1. saus'agej says:

    ‘I looked around for a bit and I couldn’t find a single review of it. Not one!’
    Pfft! Cos no one would be stupid enough to believe this schizophrenic crap in a million years!!! No one wants to read stories about middle eastern weirdos!! Get a clue FFS!!!!*#!@$F!

  2. God says:

    I was NOT amused

  3. Satan says:

    I was.

  4. Question says:

    Message:Then what is the answer, since obviously you are privy to the “truth.” A literalistic person with a closed mind would find nothing. Though that brings up the fact that you seem to see yourself as an open-minded person…but yet your actions and “musings” seem to establish you as a close minded person, unable to cope with ideas that do not fit into your world view. Funny…and a pity.

  5. Robert says:

    Sweet “sarcastic” quote “marks.” I’m not quite sure what you’re trying to relate with this comment, other than ‘Robert=bad,’ so I’ll respond to the only part that made any coherent sense.

    You’re asking me for answers? You’re upset because you think I’ve questioned your beliefs? That’s your wrong step right there. There’s no answer to life because life is not a god damn question. It is not a pop quiz or a training seminar. It is not a trick question with a clever solution that only you and your like-minded comrades have figured out. It is what we do and what we are, every minute of every day. It is a term that describes existing, not a user’s manual for the afterlife. While you’re busy doing stuff like this – wasting your energy driving yourself into a huff over every half-assed joke made at your expense – life is getting away from you. You’re studying up on an ancient set of rules while shit is happening around you. You’re doing homework when there was never a school in the first place.

    I hope that helps, friend!

  6. Dougfromdougland says:

    Not to spoil anything, but I heard that in the sequel, Jesus and his pals have to take on Satan and his elite team of super-demon henchmen. Anticlimactically, though, Satan and his most bad-ass henchmen turn out to be pushovers……… and Snape kills Dumbledore… again.

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