The Terrifying Implications of the First Human Clone

New blog up at Atom, regarding the madman in charge of the first human clone. Seriously, the guy is so terrifying and ominous, I would be surprised if he DIDN’T march across the face of this earth with his army of undead clone children. Digg it here, and express your individuality by doing exactly what I tell you to.

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5 Responses to The Terrifying Implications of the First Human Clone

  1. Reigning in Spain says:

    I just read this while listening to an evangelical christian “news” show. Ultimately it’s an infomercial to push their DVD’s that are a whirling clusterfuck of conspiracy theories and the bible’s revelations with a good bit of Obama bashing for flavor.

    Brockstar. You have NO idea how much creepier this article is with a BOOMING intermittent voice telling me that the world is on it’s final death march, glorious trumpet stings, all while operating on about 3 hours of sleep,after staying up for 24 hours, oh and I’ve flown across 9 timezones today.

    I think I’m so tired right now I’d blow a .3 on a breathalyzer. And now I’m too scared to go to sleep because I know I’ll have a dream about the 4 horsemen with an army of cloned dead children behind them, with Obama and ZAHHH-VOOOS(Read that like the Zardoss voice over guy) as the wanton suffermongers.

    All in all, great article man. If I don’t wake up with my sanity tomorrow just know I was a fan all the way.

  2. Sausage Jonston says:

    would a clone have to get a dead arm for it to feel like someone else? Would this make you gay? Is Dr Zavos gay?

  3. inkngrease says:

    Not only do I have to worry about the day that robots gain consciousness and learn to hate their oppressive human creators, but I have to look forward to the dead clone baby apocalypse. Why science?… Why?

  4. Lawrence says:

    Message: Because Science killed your father and raped your mother. IRONY BURN! NOT ONLY ARE YOU AN ORPHAN, YOUR A BY-PRODUCT OF SCIENCE! and science hates you OH MY GOD does it hate you.

  5. Robert says:


    “Science” is becoming increasingly interchangeable with “Danzig.”

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