The Six Most Bizarre Game Mods

New Gamespy article is up here! And if you’ve ever wanted to be eaten alive by Bill Cosby, boy have I got a game for you! And some pills! To quiet the voices! Digg it here if you like it, so I can keep getting paid to download scary game porn!

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2 Responses to The Six Most Bizarre Game Mods

  1. Matt Willard says:

    Wow, that Macho Man mod is actually kinda messed up.

    But let’s not forget the strange, but awesome Mega Man eye laser mod!

    (Lasers don’t start getting crazy stupid for a bit.)

  2. Robert says:

    I was actually really disappointed in this article. I found some all right stuff, sure, but not exactly what I was looking for. I was looking for stuff like this, and the commenters did a really good job of pointing out better examples, but I wasn’t satisfied with what I found. I just couldn’t weed through all the porn to find the good stuff. Fucking rule 34’d.

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