Support The Cause: Beat That Fucker

Hey all. The next Atomfilms article is up, just click on the banner, the title, or any pictures of kangaroos you may see later in this post.

Spring Break Movies You Didn’t Know You Loved


These articles are really important to me and a few other guys trying to make this into something big. If you could please do whatever you can to get the word out, digg them, stumble them, reddit them, maybe tattoo them on your lower back so that whichever guy you’re fucking to make up for all those daddy issues will see it tonight.

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Thanks guys.

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12 Responses to Support The Cause: Beat That Fucker

  1. Aidan says:

    Pretty Good man. The indiana jones one especially. Hope you have better look with it then last time.

  2. Jerk Face says:

    “Alright! Who wants to hit this shit with motherfuckin’ Indiana Jones?!”

    Comedy fucking gold!

    Dugg, and enjoyed. Good work, pal.

  3. Jerk Face says:

    “Well, I ordered pepperoni… but I guess I’ll just have to take this hot sausage inste- AUGH! You’ve stabbed me in the face! RIGHT IN MY FACE!”

    That bit was great too, for the record.

  4. Chalks says:

    This article felt much less forced than the last one you did on atomfilms. “the main characters are trying to escape an orgy of ancient, blood-thirsty tooth-monsters… that also do not understand teenage love.” that line had me laughing loud enough to get strange looks from the people nearby. Loved the article, and dugg.

  5. Robert says:

    That’s because there was virtually no editing on this one. What I wrote is up there, last time there was so much editing, tinkering or censoring that it didn’t sound like me anymore. We’re fixing these issues, and now we can get pretty much everything through.

  6. Jess says:

    I shared it out to as many suggested places as I could, man. I hope that helps get the word out.

  7. StoatLad says:

    I am going to whore this article like nothing you’ve ever seen before. And then I’m gonna whore Cheeseman’s, and Brown’s, and anything else you write there.

    If someone can read something like “the seldom addressed but absolutely horrifying issue of Shark Date Rape” without laughing, they’re dead inside.

  8. Paul says:

    “We’re fixing these issues, and now we can get pretty much everything through.”

    I hope this means what it sounds like – you roofied them.

  9. Robert says:

    No, dude. I was talking about anal.

  10. deadlytoque says:

    This article convinced me to buy the Young Indiana Jones Chronicles DVDs for my girlfriend for her birthday (she’s a filmmaker, and a HUGE fan of movie documentaries, and this box of DVDs has more making-of stuff than it has TV show). So, for better or for worse, you’ve enabled George Lucas to get a little bit more of my money.

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