Will you be my Tourette’s valentine?

I have a question, internet.

Is it possible to have Tourette’s for a person? Like normal people may have a crush on someone, can you just really have Tourette’s for like, one specific dude? Say, a Real Estate Broker? On the North Side? Who advertises mostly on bus stop benches?

Is that a thing? A thing that you can have? A Tourette’s Crush? Because if it’s not, I guess I just really love Real Estate Brokering passionately. And that’s a fucking stupid thing to love.


Here, maybe it’s not just me. Maybe the name itself is really just a kickass battlecry that you can’t resist screaming. You try it. Put on your best, guttural man-voice and growl out “BILLY GRIPPO!!! BILLY GRIPPOOOOOO!!!

Did you do it? Awesome, now can you record it and post it on YouTube, so that the next time I Tourette out Billy Grippo at a bus stop I can tell everybody I’m just cleverly referencing an internet fad, and not simply being the complete retard that I so clearly am?

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6 Responses to Will you be my Tourette’s valentine?

  1. Muledriver says:



  2. Jerk Face says:

    I just love that you weren’t kidding when you said that was the best name the other day! I think I, too, wouldn’t be able to resist shouting it out if it was on all the benches and busses in my city. Of course, I live in Cleveland so the busses are all covered in Welfare ads and the benches are covered in homeless people. “HOMELESS GUUUUUUUY!” just doesn’t have the same catchy ring to it.

    In other news: Busses looks like it’s spelled wrong.

  3. Muledriver says:

    Hey! I’m from Cleveland!

    Although I tell people that I grew up in a toilet full of hobo droppings and used condoms.

    I have my pride, you know.

  4. Jerk Face says:

    Heh, nice. That is a pretty accurate description of our wonderful home town!

  5. AdMini says:

    Hey, I work with Billy G. here in Portland. He’s actually very nice, and is a top producer for the company. Have you seen the bus stop ads for real estate duo Paul and Jerry Poirier? Some local punk band wrote a song about them that goes ‘Paul and Jerry Poirier! They’re not brothers they’re gay!’
    Ha ha!

  6. Robert says:

    You know what? I’m glad he’s a nice guy.

    But in my mind, he’ll always have a popped collar and a convertible and he’ll always call everybody “champ.”

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