I’m just surprised it lasted that long…

prince sex hadouken

Look, here I’ll just say it:

Prince is getting hip replacement surgery.

I know, you guys, I know. I’ll give you a minute if you need it.

The thing is, hip replacement patients are normally elderly males, usually taller than average, and often a bit heavier. Prince is forty-nine years old, five foot three and, while boxing, fights in the “Adorable Pixie” weight class.

So you know why he needs this, right? Too much dancin’ and fuckin’, and often at the same time. It’s hard on a body to dancefuck. It requires a lot of physical dedication, and Prince put a few hundred thousand more miles than a mere mortal body can handle onto that poor hip. It’s fucking dust now.

But don’t let it get you too down. Think of it this way: How much harder is Prince gonna fuck now that he has robotic hips?

prince robot cock

Yeah. It’s almost scary, isn’t it? Trent Reznor wants to fuck you like an animal. Prince is going to fuck you like the Terminator. He is now, quite literally, a sex machine.

If I had a vagina, I’d just start running right about now. Frankly, ladies, you’re going to need the headstart.

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7 Responses to I’m just surprised it lasted that long…

  1. dgrub. says:

    trent reznor is now 97 and will fuck you like an animal that is barely alive and has arthritis and you have to give hydrocodone to so he can get off the floor because he hurts too much and so he can go outside to poop or someetimes he poops inside because he cant stand up but we put down diapers for him to go on and have a terrible eye infection that looks like a disgusting mushroom growing on his eye and has this weird vomit inducing growth on his elbows and pads of his feet that look like algae and coral growth but smells really terrible and has ghastly shocking bad gas and squirts all over my parents carpet.

  2. ken says:

    What if tears the women in half? Oh god, he must be stopped.

  3. Avvie says:

    Dude, read a lot of your stuff…as a comic writer, ur totally teh shizznizzle!


  4. Robert says:

    What did you just call me?

  5. Mike Fool says:

    Prince is throwing up the reverse shocker in the first photograph. I wonder if he has ever lost that ring..

  6. eric says:

    i do believe i just shit myself reading this.

    thank you.

  7. spacedcowboy says:

    Message:mike i’m sure prince lost that ring numerous time. but surely prince has a device in that ring that carries itself and the lady its lost in back to prince so he could fuck her again and remove it with his penis. and have her clean it off.

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