Threatening MacGyver.

This one’s for all the none of you that asked for more of my deformed characters. Don’t worry, this is about the last of them and I’ll be back with written content in the next day or so. But first, the next Flattened Cock Threat I am sending to Richard Dean Anderson. I sincerely hope nobody actually arrives at this page by the result of any combination of those search terms, but secretly I know that they will. I’m looking at you ‘indo-chinese handjobs chuck norris.’

macgyver love

My bizarre inner world hastily sketched onto bristol after the jump:

If Pac-man were real, he would be terrifying:


What I secretly imagine while in line at the supermarket:

zombie checkout

Why must I be built a robot in love?


The servile robot from Rocketpunch Lincoln:


The Shaolin Pope from Rocketpunch Lincoln:

shaolin pope

As a final note, I would like special attention paid to how awesome that weapon is. I called it the Holy Trinity. It was a Papal staff with bladed nunchaku from each point of the cross. Yes, this was one of those occasions where I spent a whole lot of time jumping around the room screeching like Bruce Lee and pretending my Hello Kitty touch-lamp was a bladed staff. The drawing suffered, true, but not nearly as much as the cat, who had such poor foresight as to be my imaginary nemesis for the battle.

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6 Responses to Threatening MacGyver.

  1. threephin says:

    The Shaolin Pope is fucking epic.

  2. While in line at the supermarket, I too secretly think of “Monkey Wow!”

  3. Robert says:

    I like to think of ‘Ted – YES!’

  4. StoatLad says:

    For the love of all that is holy, draw that comic.

  5. G says:

    Shaolin Pope needs his own series. Comics, TV, Action Figures! I see big budget features too! Imagine bad guys coming from all sides and our mighty papal hero performs his patented Hail Mary Spin Attack knocking out all the evil ninjas and rescuing the frightened alter boy only to bring him closer to God by way of his Holy Shaft… er staff.

    Just started reading your blog and Robert you are fucking brilliant. If I had any pull anywhere I would give you a job and promptly fire you so you could collect on the severence and just keep writing. Keep it up… Don’t stop… That’s just how daddy likes it… Oh yeah…… Let me go get you a towel.

  6. Robert says:

    My friend, you have taken it too far. I approve.

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