Smart money’s on ‘racist.’

Jermaine Jackson looks exactly like Chia Shrek. So much so, in fact, that I think they probably just re-marketed the old Jermaine Jackson Chia Pet when they realized that even ironic shoppers didn’t want a Jermaine Chia, as Tito is both the funnier name and more recognizable reference.

jermaine = chia shrek

This probably makes me a racist then. Ah well, time to cut some holes in my sheets and pretend to be the ghost of hillbilly past.

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2 Responses to Smart money’s on ‘racist.’

  1. Lester the Mo says:

    man, what you got against ogres?

  2. Muledriver says:

    Hey, is that a picture of Jermaine Jackson or the Jermaine Jackson action figure?

    I had one when I was a kid. It had Kung-Fu Grip and a sweet little ass.

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