Just for verification; how awesome are you again?

A lady just called me to verify my domain.

She said “…and what domain are you verifying today?”

“I fight robots,” I reply.

There is a confused pause, then she stammers “what?”

“.com. I fight robots.com,” I clarify.

For a minute there, when she didn’t understand that was my domain, I bet she thought I was just trying to impress her. Sidling up to her in a bar all, “hey darlin’, saw you across the room lookin’ fine and had to come say hello. Yeeep yep yep, just had a long day of fightin’ robots, need to take a load off. Yeaaaaah, fought ’em pret-tyyyy hard today. Hmm? What’s that? Oh, no, I won. I always win. Listen, this is fun and all but let’s cut to the chase, honey, your place or mine? My place is kind of a mess though, all those robot skulls everywhere. Plus, there was some bullshit city ordinance about not having too much sexy in one place, so I can’t sleep there for a while.”

Also, I had to say my domain name out loud for the very first time, and I noticed something interesting: It’s very soft, mind you, but I swear when you say the words “I fight robots,” a faint explosion can be heard punctuating your sentence.

punctuation explosion

Give it a shot. Nothing? You must be doing it wrong.

Try saying it with some balls this time, Thumbelina.

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One Response to Just for verification; how awesome are you again?

  1. smoky says:

    my toaster just blew up…
    maybe i tried too hard…
    or maybe i shouldnt eat toast and visit comedy websites while in the shower.

    or maybe my toaster was a secret ninja-toast-bot ready to pounce and i just narrowly escaped a warm buttery death…

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