Stephen Hawking Loves The Rocking

Hawking Volleyball

I think a good name for a song, or possibly an album would be “Stephen Hawking Hates The Walking,” say it out loud. Go ahead.


It’s poetry.

Oh, and if you actually said it out loud you’re totally going to hell with me now. I’ll save you a bench or something, we’ll drink soda. It’ll be neat.

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3 Responses to Stephen Hawking Loves The Rocking

  1. Ken says:

    He totally does.

  2. StoatLad says:

    Are those his eyebrows, or is he being attacked by caterpillars?
    Amiright? Amiright, guys?



  3. JasonF says:

    I read that last paragraph half a second AFTER I said it out loud.

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